Gokudera Hayato

Gokudera is practically the epitome of the type of person Hibari hates. He is loud and obnoxious and prefers to be in large groups with his friends. Hibari is the exact opposite. But somehow, they have grown to tolerate each other. They have exchanged debts that they have owed to each other, such as when Gokudera frees Hibari from his imprisonment by Mukuro in the Kokuyo Arc and when Hibari saves Gokudera from Genkishi in the Future Arc. Though they are not friends in any shape or form, they have come to be able to tentatively rely on each other and have the other's back. Hibari does not seem to acknowledge any strength in Gokudera, though the aforementioned is seen many times in awe of Hibari's sheer strength. There are times when these two argue and snap with each other, but they have yet to ever have a serious fight over it.