In Depth

This section goes a little bit deeper than the previous one, delving into observations. This section has quite a few spoilers :x

Namimori : his undying love and source of pride.
Animals : and his soft spot for them.
Values : his values and what he will do to uphold them.
Battle Tactics : or lack thereof.
Cloud : his part in the Vongola family.
Ten Years Later : how he grew in that time.
Alaude : the similarities he shares with him.

Story Arcs
Daily Life Arc : his random appearances.
Kokuyo Arc : his first encounter with Rokudo Mukuro.
Varia Arc : his unwilling participation.
*the sections below are currently under construction!
Future Arc : his significant role in the future.
Inheritance Ceremony Arc : and his epic helicopter entrance.
Curse of the Rainbow Arc : a one-man battle force.