Kusakabe Tetsuya

Kusakabe Tetsuya is the only other member of the Disciplinary Committee who has yet to be named. He is seen with Hibari almost constantly in the beginning, and he is the one who Hibari sends off to do his bidding. Kusakabe is the one who clears the park when Hibari wants to view the cherry blossoms without a crowd surrounding him. In the Future Arc, Kusakabe is seen still following Hibari, becoming a key player in helping in the defeat of Byakuran and his lackeys. He is one of the few, oh so few, people Hibari refers to by name. Though Hibari tends to verbally abuse him, he holds an undying loyalty for him and is always helping him when he can. In the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, he even drops Hibari off on the island via helicopter (isn't he supposed to be a middle school student? Hard. Core.)