Yamamoto Takeshi

Yamamoto Takeshi, like Gokudera, is another one of those kinds of people Hibari does not like (though honestly, who does Hibari actually like other than cute animals?). He is easygoing and carefree, the polar opposite of Hibari. One more than one occasion, Hibari is seen getting pissed off with the group and Yamamoto tries to deflect the situation (though he often times makes Hibari madder than he already was). Though Yamamoto still seems to think of the whole thing as a "mafia game" (oh you adorable soul) he takes it very seriously when he needs to and has amassed great strength because of it. Hibari himself acknowledges the baseball player's strength in one particular instance where Tsuna and Gokudera are worried about whether or not Yamamoto is going to be able to handle the battle he is in. Hibari simply remarks, "He is Yamamoto Takeshi" as Yamamoto strikes his opponent down. This one statement shows the amount of confidence and respect he has for Yamamoto.